Balance Restored, on the Bus

I stood at the front of the bus when traffic came to a halt from construction up ahead, a half-block from my stop.

3 to Michigan/Chicago

You can let me out here, if you want, I said to the driver.

Oh, you’re trying to get me into trouble.  I can’t do that.  You might get hurt and I’d be out of a job.

You think I’d fall on my face walking from here to there?

You never know.

I guess that’s true.  I’ve done it before.

I waited for traffic to clear, stuck on the bus.

Damn Tigers, the driver said out of the blue.

Why’s that?

Last I checked they were winning and the White Sox were losing.

That’s good.


I’m from Michigan, and a huge Tiger’s fan.

Detroit Tigers Logo

Oh no, he groaned.  I ought to just keep going and pass this next stop.

I chuckled.

Obama likes your White Sox, I said, you support him, too?

I do, he said, a little defensively.

Me, too, I said.  Me, too.

You do?  Well, my man, he said, and we fist bumped (restoring balance).

He pulled up to the next stop.  Watch your step.  Have a great day.

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