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What I would ask the presidential candidates if I could

Candy Crowley 2012 Presidential Debate Moderator

Candy Crowley 2012 Presidential Debate Moderator (Photo credit: Talk Radio News Service)

We live on a planet that uses the concept of balance as an operating system, as can be seen by how our bodies function, how ecosystems are kept in balance through predation and competition, how even our government (interestingly enough), is set up as a balanced system, hoping to find the best solutions through compromise between the two dueling parties (or at least it should), and unsurprisingly, how the climate also operates as a balanced system, in part because of the release and absorption of carbon dioxide and oxygen from plants and animals.  Do you understand this concept, that all that we do as earth-based creatures are subject to the laws of balance, including the economy, that we are essentially floating through space on a ship with limited means, which requires maintenance due to our over use of its resources, and how would you incorporate this understanding into how you govern?


Microcosmo (Photo credit: daniele paccaloni)

I’m dreaming, of course, to think that an earth-based question (the foundation for all that we do and are) be asked or even be respected – further evidence of our disconnection from the planet under our feet.

2 thoughts on “What I would ask the presidential candidates if I could

  1. Hi. I was reading your post and I wanted to say that no you should ask about he environment. Ask Romney why he would say or make fun about the environment changes that are affecting the earth. Why is it so important to him and the GOP to destroy the environment instead of recycling and preserve what is left of our environment. What is wrong with switching from coal and fossil fuels by retraining the miners to being competent in green energy. I apologize for being so scatter brained with what I am trying to say. That you for your time.

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