A Short Political Rant

Republican tactics lead to deminished wages fo...

The majority of my fellow white men are reportedly supporting Romney.  I know many of them.  They get tired of their tax dollars being used irresponsibly by big government, especially for those who “don’t take responsibility” for themselves, as Romney would say, and believe a successful businessman will run the country like a CEO and create the conditions needed to give them a chance at accumulating wealth.  I’ll leave the wisdom of having a CEO mentality handle the complexities of the presidency for others to debate.  The point here is that a lot of my fellow pigmentally-challenged men would consider themselves to be moderate on most issues.

Up until now, I would have agreed with their self-assessment.

And if Romney was a true moderate, I’d at least respect their choice.  But by the end of his term as governor, Romney’s approval rating fell to 32% after he started promoting socially conservative issues, and until his recent turn towards the middle, clearly designed to woo independents and women before he returns to his core beliefs, he spent the last several years running as a “severe conservative.”  Aligning himself with Paul Ryan for Vice President, and several neoconservatives such as William Kristol and John Bolton (both of whom must be drooling at the prospect of another inexperienced president to manipulate and advise), he’s on course to become Bush II on foreign policy (cynically trying to fool Americans that this isn’t the case by agreeing with most of Obama’s positions during the last debate).

Can anyone who is even minimally informed believe you can have the same advisors as Bush, such as Kristol and Bolton, and be on the same moderate road as President Obama? Mitt Romney Caricature

Face it, the Republican Party has successfully purged the majority of their moderates, and by refusing to compromise with Democrats they have given the finger to the concept of balance.  You can’t govern without compromise.  And you can’t claim to be a moderate if you vote for Republicans.  Doing so is a vote for neoconservatives, with their itchy trigger fingers; it’s a vote for Christian right wing fanatics who want to turn back the clock on reproductive rights for women (including several candidates and current congressmen who are still unclear about issues of rape or a woman’s right to make decisions about her own body); it’s a vote for choosing the science you want to believe in while the environment deteriorates around you; it’s a vote for oppressing a person’s right to marry whom they choose because they have different sexual preferences than you; it’s a vote for the bullshit belief that the middle class thrives from the trickle down scraps from the ultra-wealthy; and it’s a vote for the nonsense of the buffoons who believe a moderate Democrat like President Obama is a socialist commie pinko or the next coming of Hitler.  If this is what you support, you lose your status as a moderate.

Here is a true moderate Republican, someone who would vote for a Republican if there was an actual sensible moderate to vote for.

6 thoughts on “A Short Political Rant

  1. Bravo—well said. Old-school Republicans have no party anymore. Even Barry Goldwater would be looking at these idiots and thinking, “What the heck happened here???” The current Republican party is just religious extremism, misogyny, anti-environment, and pro-business. That’s it. They have no further agenda than hatred and greed.

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