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ISIS, how do you deal with it?  So many are up in arms that President Obama didn’t yet have a set strategy.

We can’t help but get angry about beheadings or all the other atrocious things these sick animals do.  Bomb the hell out of them.  Wipe them off the face of the earth.   Such scum can’t be reasoned with or managed or tolerated in anyway; they have to be eliminated.

But aren’t such emotions, no matter how justified, part of the problem?  ISIS members have the same emotion.  It’s the one thing we have in common:  hatred.  How do we overcome it?  Some will say you do whatever it takes to eliminate them, while others will promote peace as the only answer, stating our bombs only help to create more of them.  But once created, what do we do?

Personally I am thankful for a president who takes his time to consider the options and weighs all the various consequences, unlike his predecessor who got us into this mess.  I think Obama has to be one of the most balanced presidents we’ve ever had, at least in my lifetime, and it’s going to waste by a petulant society that has the emotional maturity of a child, that runs on the fuel of these unchecked emotions with no sense of balance.

I don’t have any answers beyond balance; it seems it’s the only way to go.  Like dealing with any illness, you have to try and eliminate it, if possible, through a holistic approach, that balance between science and lifestyle, education and action, power and peace.

We’re living at a time when the world should be waking up to how unbalanced living is destroying the planet that sustains us, and coming together to live more holistically and in tune with nature, recognizing that our only enemy is ourselves, that while we are busy fighting each other, the earth is trying to eliminate us.  And yet violence and hatred and ideology continue to rule the day.  It leaves me with little hope, but I always come back to changing our own society, leading by example, and becoming a culture that focuses on balance for all instead of a greed that lets only a few succeed, while everyone else struggles or lives in dispirited poverty.  Certainly that’s the only hope for limiting recruitment into extremist groups – all extremist groups.  You battle them with a balanced society.  Until we do that we’ll solve nothing.  But you still have no choice but to put down the psychopaths that run loose.

6 thoughts on “ISIS

  1. ISIS is a crisis
    According to the media
    Alarmists on the right
    Emerging from the woodwork
    (Actually from right-wing think tanks)
    Predict doom if we don’t bomb Iraq
    To save the al-Maliki government
    From its own blunders
    Their mistakes and Bush’s mistakes
    Two wrongs don’t make it right
    Let the Iraqis settle it
    We tried and failed
    It’s their turn now.

    • I don’t disagree with you except that Iraq is failing to deal with this. Bush created this mess, and since Americans voted that buffoon into office, we have some responsibility for what we created. I think we need to continue to support Iraq in dealing with it, in a limited fashion. But mostly, the point of this post, was to defend Obama’s patient and thoughtful approach vs. the childish alarmists who scream for action like two-year olds, which is what the media tends to focus on.

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