Balance / Nature

Paragraph of the Day – Book Excerpt


She went on to tell me about a previous job and eventually I shared one of my own. I sipped on my beer and kept at it all night – a bottle to help me cope with my unbalanced life. I contributed little to the conversation and was relieved when our shuttle bus finally picked us up at the party and returned us to our hotel, where we and our fellow coworkers once again gathered in the lounge to finish off the night. Everything about Fran lured me in, as if her body was a safe place to land after a long, exhaustive journey, and yet, by then, I was already flaming out. Just a few remaining molecules desired a sexual fling, as they were innately inclined, wanting to experience the last remaining natural act I had left in my arsenal, perhaps the final hope to still reconnect with the natural world. Only I couldn’t understand the perplexing dichotomy going on. Everyone was searching for balance in their lives, and understandably so. It was intrinsic to who we were, a thread still connecting us to the sensuous world, and yet few seemed to attain it, because like all other species, we also strived for growth. Every species would take over the planet if it could, fueled by pleasurable addictions and the perpetuation of its own kind, if they weren’t kept in check by the forces of nature. We humans were on the same path, perhaps even well past our natural threshold thanks to our clever industrial and agricultural accomplishments. But when would the bubble burst? It had to for life on the planet to survive. No other possibility existed. No species could be allowed to go unchecked forever lest they smother the earth. In the meantime biological drive had me desiring Fran, as well as more beer. I’d finally gotten to a place, however, where human principles, guided by morality and discipline, said no, leave her alone; it wasn’t right; it wasn’t love. Perhaps morality was a nature-based concept, too, covertly applied to keep our behavior in check, though the beer was another matter.

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