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Make America Balanced Again


Last picture from my living room before moving

America probably hasn’t been balanced since the natives ran the place, back when nature dominated the day and people lived within its guidelines.  Since then it’s been focused on extravagant greatness instead of improving society. Maybe the superhero movies are at fault, created for the mentality of the teenage boy, because that’s the mentality so prominently on display from the political right. Let’s kick ass. Let’s win at everything. America the powerful.

But America will be great when it turns its focus from machismo fantasy to financial, social, and environmental balance – taking its lessons on how to live from nature. You are not a great country because of military might and wealth (you may be powerful, but far from great), you become great by showing the world how to live, leading the way towards planetary harmony. Who do you respect more, a gluttonous consumer hoarding all the wealth and power he can gobble up for his greedy self, or someone living humbly and peacefully on the planet, interested in the welfare of all? If it’s the former, I’d suggest you set down the remote and take a walk outside, because you’re too focused on the fantasy of materialistic happiness.

I’d say the right’s current leader – he who shall not be named – has the emotional maturity of a teenage boy, but that would be an insult to teenage boys. Personally I’d rather my teenage nephew become president than the republican nominee. He would probably focus on promoting the arts, and the world would be a better place because of it. Doing so would accomplish more than using any military might.

The political right gave us eight years of Bush, and you’d think they would have learned their lesson from putting an intellectual lightweight into that office. The result took us to the brink of collapse, countless people died or were permanently maimed, and we were hated around the globe. President Obama has spent much of his presidency trying to clean up the lightweight’s mess. You can debate interminably about the job he’s done, but it’s a job he wouldn’t have had to do had the lightweight never been elected. Chances are, Al Gore would have employed Special Forces to wipe out Bin Laden while he was still lingering in Afghanistan, and the world would be a much different and better place.

Now they want to put a narcissistic, thin-skinned, Mussolini-like con man into the office, someone who lacks empathy for others and is obviously interested only in furthering the expansion of his bloated ego. Unimaginable. I’d rather we suffer through a return of the lightweight. At least with Bush there’d be a chance his subsequent humbling has taught him a few lessons. There’s no chance of that with a narcissist, someone incapable of being humbled; it’d be like putting a rabid wild boar in the office.

If I were a member of the democratic party, or had a Super Pac, I would put together a panel of expert psychologists and film them discussing the problems of putting a narcissistic personality in charge, and I’d interject it with comments from some of the more respectable, sensible republicans who have voiced their horror over their presumptive nominee, and turn it into an advertisement, hoping to wake up American the unenlightened.

America will never be great, that is balanced, until its people insist that both sides work together. They should be holding the republican congress accountable for their refusal to work in any way with President Obama. Sure, you fight for your beliefs, but no one gets everything they want in a balanced society – something we should have learned in kindergarten. Instead, in the end, you come together and find the most balanced position possible between the two warring parties and accept it as the best you can do. And then you go back to fighting for your principles, mainly through convincing and educating others to your cause. These are simple concepts a child can learn, something he who shall not be named will never be able to comprehend.

The only exception to this would be if they managed to put someone unfit into office, then you would have no choice but to fight against any fascist policies he might attempt to employ, without compromise.

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