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The Missing Issue


Picture representing last night’s speech

So at a time of melting glaciers and ice caps (those well-placed freezers that help keep us cool in the temperate middle), acidic and warming oceans, sea levels on the rise, coral reefs turning brittle and dying, depleted fish populations, global forest fires, dwindling fresh water supplies, unprecedented species annihilation, droughts and storms on steroids, insect populations on the move (migrating north and wreaking ecological havoc thanks to warmer temperatures), carbon dioxide levels currently up to 404.48 parts per million (the highest levels in the air in 650,000 years) – all evidence of us rapidly heading towards an environmental catastrophe and a detrimental impact to life on this planet, the answer for dealing with these issues from the republican party, having given numerous speeches over the course of their convention, was dead silence.  Not one word, unless you count their orgasmic desire to exponentially increase the problem through more coal mining and doubling down on the practices that have caused this mess.

And not one word about this omission from the pundits covering this ignorant display.

Want change?  Want a better world?  Try living in harmony with the planet that sustains us, and vote for people who believe in science and understand this issue.

We can either evolve as a species to relearn how to live in balance with nature, making significant changes toward a green economy, or we can remain unenlightened and suffer the consequences.

Nature finds a way to humble those who grow beyond their natural threshold.  Climate change is one of many ways nature is reacting to us.


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