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A Note From the Planet


Hello, it’s me…your planet.

I usually stay out of your politics, but things have gotten so out of hand I feel the need to communicate with you directly. My usual methods of talking to you symbolically through exploding symptoms (in the same way your body signals you with health symptoms), don’t seem to be getting through.

For the majority of your history you romped around my surface like any other animal, and your populations were easily kept in check through natural forces, the same methods I apply to all species. Eventually, however, you became remarkably successful at thwarting my efforts at reducing your impact.  I give you disease and you cure it.  I limit your food supply and you develop agricultural practices to feed your masses.  I thrash you with violent natural disasters and many of you hunker down in sturdy dwellings, weathering my storms.  Whenever I do succeed in reducing your numbers you quickly replenish them by immediately returning to your reproductive addictions.

Unfortunately for you, these accomplishments, enabling you to continue living beyond your means, only delay your inevitable fall. A fact you’ve been oblivious to.  And when the fall comes, it won’t be pretty.

Eventually I will win. I have to for life on me to continue.  I know your exponential growth feels natural to you, because it is.  You are no different from any other animal focused on individual success, inadvertently building a larger population, but like all species, you’ll eventually be humbled.  Before I crush this insurrection of yours, however, I’m going to attempt to open your eyes, foolhardy though it may be.  You can continue on this path until your fall, as all creatures upon me do, or you can harness the same intelligence you’ve employed to overcome my forces and realize your predicament, adjusting your behavior accordingly.

What you consistently overlook, or forget, and need to consider if you want to take the necessary steps to ease the inevitable carnage, is that balance is the operating system I use to run this show. All life forms, including yours, are running on the same operating system of balance, whether you like it or not.  There is no escape from this.

Your every waking moment is intimately connected to me. You arise when I rotate to the light, and slumber when I turn to the dark, giving your body a balance between rest and activity.  You live within my temperate zones, those places where the cold and heat are suitably balanced for your needs (unless my refrigerant systems on my northern and southern poles melt).  You’re born with bilateral symmetry, your bodies fluctuate around a balanced temperature and pH, you function best when consuming a balanced diet, and you learn to take it easy after a night of overindulgence to return to balance.  You seek balance between work and play (as either extreme leads to problems), and you strive to find the perfect mate for the harmony it brings, enjoying the yin and yang of masculine and feminine energy.  Any offspring created from this coupling consists of a balance between the two parents.

You seek balance because of me.

Within the wilderness of my ecosystems is a system of balance, keeping populations in check (owls and hawks constrain mice, while dwindling mice populations prevent an overabundance of owls and hawks). The climate, unsurprisingly, is also a balanced system, or at least it was before you cut down all the trees and released all those greenhouse gasses.  Releasing all those gasses required more trees, not less, to absorb and thus counteract, the release.

Look at the graph created from collected ice cores and you’ll see a wave of oxygen and carbon dioxide fluctuating around a balanced point for the last 800,000 years, up until your industrial revolution, when the graph shoots upwards far from its natural balance.

Every breath you take, oxygen in, carbon dioxide out, is an intimate action of balance, connecting you to my flora, and thus me.

Even your government reflects this natural system, the opposing sides dueling it out before hopefully settling somewhere in between their preferred positions. Your politicians tend to fail because they focus on money and power instead of balance and health.  Until you demand they work together for a balanced approach, one that is in harmony with me, you’ll continue to experience the consequences of imbalance.  Think about that before you elect a leader.  Does your candidate understand your planet’s natural guidelines?  Are they themselves balanced individuals?

As for now, maybe you should try balancing out your masculine domination with some feminine leadership, hoping for a more nurturing and holistic approach to how you dwell upon me, especially since your current masculine option embodies your worst characteristics.  He is ungrounded, self-centered, morally vacant, and will only lead you further away – detrimentally so – from any reconciliation with me, and reconciling with me is your only long-term hope.  He is the macho mask cowardly men wear to cover up their unbalanced insecurities, acting like an unevolved baboon believing the world is his harem.  Don’t be conned.

You want things to change, and you are willing to angrily blow up the system to make it happen.  But are you sure you fully understand all of the ramifications?  Are your desired changes aligned with your planet?  Have you ever even considered such a notion?  If not, maybe you should think again.  Instead of asking, how do we become stronger and wealthier and more dominant, it’s high time you asked yourselves, how do we create a healthy, balanced society? How do we encourage all nations to do the same?

Here’s a clue. Look to me – that thing you walk on, build on, depend on.  Think harmony, not domination or exploitation.  Whether you like it or not, you do not have dominion over all.  Some of you will vehemently object to this and insist that you do.  You’ll even prove it by doing whatever you please, but this is like an adolescent rebelliously stuffing donuts or other harmful substances down his gullet.  You’re free to do so, but you’ll suffer the consequences (learning my truth in the end), and if you’ve been paying attention, you’ll know I’ve been building up a slew of consequences to deal with your behavior.  Any imbalance is eventually counterbalanced by me.  There is always an opposing force.  There has to be for life on this planet to continue.  That is how I operate.

You are individually focused with a drive for more, which can easily mutate into greed, but there are reasons you flock together. You need each other, often overcoming trivial differences to fight common enemies.  That is the situation you find yourselves in now, except that I am not your enemy.  I am your breath, your food, your drink.

I am that peaceful, mystical sensation you experience when walking in nature. When you learn to recognize that all of your problems stem from your spiritual disconnection from me, you can start to heal.

Do that or else.

10 thoughts on “A Note From the Planet

  1. You are right – you should have received more feedback – any feedback; one never knows why people stay silent at times and are chatty at other times… maybe a few photos might coax them to linger and ponder the message.

    about year ago i told friends at the beach where high tides had been assaulting their property for several years, ‘what if pachamama is doing her best to make you leave? what if something horrible is about to happen (tidal wave?) and you all die b/c you stayed?’ the authorities now think that the epicenter of the april 16th 7.8 quake was in that town…

    by disconnecting from our earth mother, we have also lost those subtle clues that she gives us… i am hopeful there will be a thirst for those who have wandered — or who have never experienced solitude in nature — and they will rediscover and learn to respect our pachamama.

    have you read desert solitaire by edward abbey?

    • I wonder about that, too. I’ve been focused on trying to reconnect with nature – I even find myself talking to trees these days :), and I wonder what we miss. What is nature telling us that we can no longer hear. Haven’t read Abbey’s book. I’ll look it up. Thanks for commenting.

      • Thanks, that looks interesting. My understanding of nature/spirituality is from my own exploration. It’s difficult to find useful discussion of this topic. I joined a “spirituality meet up” group thinking I might check out some of there meetings to see if they got into anything of interest, but I’ve never gone to their meetings because every announced topic is about angels or spirit guides or divine inspiration or finding your true self, etc. Maybe there is some value in these discussions, I don’t know, but they don’t seem to ever discuss the nature-spirituality bond that is of interest to me.

      • i chuckle.. yes, we all evolve via different methods… i listen or read with an open mind, digest and absorb or dismiss according to my own gut feeling (which they say is probably the more intelligent choice) and many times what becomes the newest thought is something that’s been at my core… i think that people are too fast to jump on the latest concept, though some are seeking more than others.. it’s our duty to help those who might still be fumbling through the dark (do you agree?) if thru no other way than by example. one person often hints that i am the rescuer in a triangle of dysfunction – but i’m sorry if that’s wrong.. i know how i felt in earlier years when the kindness of a stranger or friend extended a hand out of the goodness of heart, and made my day just a bit brighter…

        people approach thru their intelligence too much, and not enough from the heart.

        cowan’s story is an interesting one, and i especially appreciated the backflash he gives and later weaves its importance into his personal story… well that’s enough chatter… i think that those of us who follow our own navigational compasses are on the right paths.. we think for ourselves, consider other options (for me for sure there are angels./guides too many stories where they have intervened or provided subtle signs, and twice – in person w/my own eyes..)

        you’re doing fine, james, and you are on the right trail!

  2. I wish I could introduce you (the world and everything) to the human population at large. Once they have truly made your acquaintance, they’d wonder why they ever thoughtlessly disrespected you.

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