Angered White Man

I have to vent before I lose my mind.

Now I’m the angry white man. Don’t ask me to unite behind this newly-elected cretin because a bunch of unevolved knuckle-draggers voted in a Neanderthal to lead them, or because the evangelicals hypocritically supported their version of the antichrist. I want nothing to do with it. I can’t afford to denounce my citizenship or move out of the country, but mentally, I will never accept this belligerent buffoon as president. He’s been a low-life creep all his life, and he proves he still is almost every time he opens his unscripted mouth.

First they gave us the intellectual lightweight George Bush for two terms, and the country predictably crashed and burned. A portion of the planet is still staggering from his decisions. And now they’ve done it to us again, only worse, putting a soulless black hole into the office. Good luck with that. Don’t ask me to be a part of it.

I’ll unite, with Progressive types who understand the kind of change we actually need, and who will fight tooth and nail to prevent this goon from destroying our country as well as the globe. Democrats, please, give us a dynamic individual who can speak to how our inappropriate lifestyles are the cause of environmental degradation and how converting to a green-based economy is the only long-term solution towards creating a balanced society, in harmony with our planet, and knows that diversity enriches us, not this destructive and hateful monochromatic security the right wingers hold onto.

They’ve selected the symbolic representation of everything that is wrong with the human race: arrogant, clueless, self-centered, angry, greedy, anti-intellectual, completely disconnected from nature, and unbelievably, psychologically unfit for the office.

We had, in President Obama, the embodiment of balance and decency and intelligence, and we blew it. For eight years we allowed republicans to treasonably just say no to everything he tried to do, and then let them innocently claim the economy wasn’t up to par because of his leadership. They stood in the way and last night were rewarded for this uncalled for behavior. Democrats have little choice now but to try and do the same. It’s called for. Limit the damage, stall, and get him the hell out of office as quickly as possible.

5 thoughts on “Angered White Man

  1. Thank you for writing and posting – this is what I and my family , friends and collegues feel as well. The world will be suffering…Swedish people – and hopefully many more people – know that we have to leave the planet in a better state to our children…if possible. We have to play climate safe and we were all so happy about the US and president Obamas quick acting to help ratify the climate agreement. Now this clueless man, elected by clueless people – will tear it all apart. And many more things we fear. I cry a bit also over all the intelligent people over there, and the scientific facts that Trump denies, because he is incapable of understanding nothing except power and money. In my heart I feel for you all, you who knew what to do, and did it, but have to live with the results of the election. If there is a God – then I hope he will help us all. If there is or is not – I hope the American people will rise united against such a low creature. It is hard to understand how this was possible, even harder that it happened.

    • Thanks Leya, and thanks for commenting. It’s bleak here. So many of us are crushed, and on top of that we have to tolerate the gloating and nastiness of his supporters. I think most of us will never accept that this man has been given the honor of representing our country, and we see it already in massive protests. Hopefully we can use this rage and shock and unite for a better future and limit his time and effectiveness. That’s the only hope.

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