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In Honor of the Inauguration of our New Glorious Leader…

…another political rant.

Let’s all sing kum bay ah and come together behind our new unifying leader. Such is the reported theme of his upcoming speech.

You might as well ask me to get down on my knees and worship a bucket of goo.

This protest isn’t about politics. It isn’t about republican vs. democrat or losing an election. It’s about decency vs. indecency.

We that lean left would have railed against the abhorrent politics of a McCain or a Romney or a Jeb Bush…but accepted their presidency. McCain’s hawkish beliefs scare the hell out of me, but those are his politics. He is otherwise an honorable, sane, human being.

The incoming victor isn’t. His presidency will be a monument to himself.  He’s nasty, he demeans, he has no honor, and he doesn’t inspire – think the intelligence community is now inspired?

Many keep saying we should get behind him because, if he wins, we all win. I disagree. Taking us in the wrong direction isn’t winning.

Note the difference between him and Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren when they talk about fighting for us.  Trump refers to disputes with other countries and/or bureaucratic complaints, because this is all he knows.  This is his fight, not ours.  It’s the only fight he’s ever known.

When Bernie Sanders or Elizabeth Warren talk about fighting for us, it’s against injustice within our own country, against the forces directly affecting us, against power, against the Trumps of the world. They fight for equality to make life better for all.

They fight for us. Trump fights for his insatiable ego.  He’ll intimidate and bully to get his way. Personally, I don’t want to win that way. I’d rather my country lead by example and inspire others to follow because of the remarkable quality of our chosen path.

That would truly make America great.

Democrats need to counter his ugliness with a clear and concise philosophy.  Too often they struggle to come up with a coherent slogan because they’re more focused on social justice and the message gets dispersed between this and that fight – women’s rights, LGBTQ rights, other minority rights, environmental issues, etc., and the poor rural white man says, what about me.

Maybe it is high time we listen to what the planet is telling us, and recognize our way of life has to align with our place in nature. We left it behind long ago and the consequences are slowly (now more quickly) being realized. What we should be fighting for is a green economy, an awareness that we are earth-based creatures – not the money-based creatures we have become – and are in need of an earth-based economic philosophy that follows nature’s guidelines, leading to a more just world for all. The fight for equality and justice can develop naturally from a better understanding of the laws of the land. There is, within nature, a system of balance promoting diversity, equality, unity, and health (mental, physical, and spiritual). When we’re truly grounded with our earth we instinctively understand this.  Many democrats are already half way there to this understanding. They’re at least awake to the issues. Trump and his cronies and most republicans are sound asleep, lost in an old, regressive dream.

Until we learn how to reconnect with nature and follow its lessons, we will always ultimately fail at creating a healthy, balanced society.


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