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If a Biologist Ran the Country

It almost sounded promising.  During his first press conference, Sean Spicer gushed about Trump meeting with the giants of industry to get their input on creating more jobs.  I could easily imagine his supporters applauding – this was a big part of what they’d signed up for.  What could possibly be wrong with exploring constructive ideas with the most successful among us?  As I watched, however, I couldn’t help but imagine what the focus of this press conference might look like had we elected a scientist, preferably a biologist, to run the country.

Or a Native American, someone able to show the importance of spiritually reconnecting to our planet.

Instead of jobs created by the wealthy, there’d be a massive movement toward developing an eco-friendly economy with jobs generated by those efforts, persuading more businesses to convert from being exploiters of our living earth (and its people and animals), to becoming conscientious champions of operating in balance and harmony with nature. The entire administration would be involved in this enormous mission to drive the country towards renewable resources, like JFK encouraging an expedition to the moon, except that all of society would be involved.  Nature and how we live on the planet would be the political platform’s foundation, even when dealing with social issues and foreign policy, and it would be done with great urgency, because they wouldn’t have their heads in the sand like a bunch of inebriated frat boys ignoring the current detrimental conditions confronting us. They would recognize the need to act quickly.

Incentives would be emplaced to encourage retrofitting homes and warehouses and all commercial structures with green roofs, solar panels, and/or wind turbines. They’d work with congress to create laws no longer permitting construction of any building that wasn’t, at a minimum, LEED certified.  Redevelopment of abandoned businesses and blighted areas would take precedence over additional urban sprawl.

To encourage a healthier society and lower healthcare costs, they’d propose increased taxes on fast food establishments and processed food manufacturers while providing incentives for enterprises promoting the use of nature’s whole foods, and urge the medical model to switch from a drug-based, suppressive philosophy to a lifestyle improvement approach, using drugs and surgery as a last resort.

Instead of trying to level the playing field between Corporate America and other nations, the focus would be on leveling it between Corporate America and local mom-and-pop stores (especially in poorer neighborhoods), taxing the bigger companies while easing the burdens and bureaucracies for small businesses, inspiring individual creativity and character over a cookie-cutter franchised society.

The wealthy would be taxed, painfully, to create a balanced society, though entrepreneurism would still be encouraged to further advance green technologies that were in harmony with the planet.

They’d inspire school curriculums to revolve around the need to learn how to live in balance with the earth at an early age, understanding nature’s guidelines (which clearly depict equality and diversity and creativity, how men and women, each unique and equal, come together to create a yin and yang balance between male and female energy, and how racial variations and sexual orientation add beauty to the mix in the same way flora variations provide an abundance of variety and beauty across the lands – something we instinctively and youthfully know before becoming corrupted by an unhealthy society). The arts would take center stage, dominating the culture:  music, sculpture, painting, writing, cooking, architecture, dance, theater, science, and more, all celebrated and elevated over materialism and greed, improving quality of life for all (followed, most likely, by a reduction of drug use and depression and criminal activity).

And instead of building walls and closing ourselves off in a populist, America first, narcissistic philosophy, looking to exploit the earth and other countries resources like a bullying, dictatoring, Jabba the Hutt, our female, Native American, biologist president would welcome and treat other nations as brothers and sisters and share ideas on how to do all of the above in a way that worked for all people across the globe – hopefully leading to the reduction of hatred and terrorism.

Though government regulations into the free market system would be necessary to accomplish some of this, establishing a healthy balanced society, one that is in tune with the natural guidelines and limitations imposed on us by the lands we live on, would be necessary before regulations and laws could be eliminated or reduced.

Of course, none of this is possible as long as the majority of our country’s occupants continue to possess exploitative mindsets that use the planet and its inhabitants as commodities, failing to remember that we are earth-based creatures, not the money-based creatures we have become.  A massive educational campaign on how to live in harmony with nature is required, showing that climate change and other environmental issues are not line items on a list of concerns, but integral to how we live on the planet.

Or we could ignore what the planet is telling us and stick with the titan of materialism and greed and malignant egoism and head in the opposite direction to see how that works out.

20 thoughts on “If a Biologist Ran the Country

  1. Interesting read, especially about native American’s. Though I would say, as a politics student, I would take issue with a positivist controlling social issues (this is not to say that politicians are better currently). Keep up the good work 😀

    • Thanks, Leya, I know it’s a fantasy, but perhaps only because we never seem to provide such a vision and strive for it. The republicans have a vision and are now forcing us to head towards it. We need to push back.

      • And the man is crazy. I just wish he will do some constitutionally wrong so that he will have to be removed. If possible. I do not know what that might be or how your constitution works.

      • A lot of us are hoping for that. It wouldn’t surprise me at all if he does something impeachable quickly, if he hasn’t already. But to get impeached would require members in his own part (republicans) to vote for that. There’s a good chance some would, because it’s well known they don’t like him and didn’t support him, but then that would just put his Vice President (Pence) into the position, and he’s just as bad. Trump is definitely crazy, Pence is an extreme right winger. About the only positive is that there is a better chance Pence wouldn’t lose his mind and start WWIII.

      • Ooops…sent to quickly…I was going to add that maybe he has got a soul and somewhere is a decent person. Which is lacking in Trump.

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