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It’s not whether you win or lose…

…it’s how you play the game.  I heard that a lot when growing up.  Play the game right, and good things will happen.  I assume that’s still taught to children.

It ought to be taught to adults.

Instead, winning is all that matters.  Give a professional coach bad players, and he still better win or face the firing squad.

Give voters a vile candidate and they’ll hold their nose and vote for him for the possibility of a tax cut.  Even if family values is their motto.  They’ll shred those beliefs for a supreme court pick.

Even it he normalizes white supremacy?  “He didn’t really mean that.”

Even if he constantly bullies and belittles others like a spoiled 10-year old?  “That’s just who he is.”

Even if he gives a short-sighted tax cut to the wealthy while giving short-term scraps to the middle-class to effectively buy their vote and ultimately increase the deficit and further exacerbate the division between wealthy and poor, increasing societal imbalance?  “Woohoo!”

Even if he degrades women and the handicapped?  “La La La La la.”

Win at all costs, even if it rips the country apart.  Integrity is something others should display after we get what we want.

A sure way to create a balanced society…


There, I finally wrote something on this blog… 🙂


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